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    "At McMaster University our people are our most valuable asset, and we strive to attract, develop and retain the best staff, researchers and faculty members in the world"
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    • Programs & Support
    • CCE (Centre for Continuing Education)
    • Executive Education Programs
    • Census
    • Framework
    • Training and Resources
    • Record of Employment
    • Monthly Deductions
    • Payroll Schedules & Forms
    • Employment Verification Request Form
    • EOHSS (Prevention & Advice)
    • Employee Health Services
    • Risk Management
    • Training & Development
    • Benefits Booklets
    • Leave of Absence & Life Events
    • Extended Health Benefits
    • AODA Training
    • FAQ
    • Resources
    • Salaried Pension Plan
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    • Group RRSP
    • Benefit Plans
    • Pension Information
    • Retiree Association (MURA)
    • Employee Groups
    • Job Evaluations
    • Vacation
    • Employee and Family Assistance Program
    • Healthy Workplace Committee Activities
    • Mental Health Initiatives & Supports
    • Partnership with Venngo/WorkPerks Program
    • Over 1,700 discounts across Canada
    • Supports Employee Financial Wellness
    • Hamilton Spectator e-edition





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